'coming out at night'

If it is the correct size:

What usually REALLY happens is at night those sneaky hands come up and rub the nose, or push the pillow on one's face. In the morning, no hand will ever admit to these sneaky deeds.
That is why I suggest placing in nose 1 hour before bed. That often both calms the body down (we quit breathing well when sleepy) and gives the hands a head's up that 'something is in the nose', and they don't have to rub it out.

'can't find it anywhere'

Snore Stoppers are clear amber: perfect for blending in with the face, . . . and hiding on the floor. They bounce sideways to escape under furniture. And they love corners with dust bunnies. They know you don't want to get on your hands and knees, and look sideways on the floor for them. For that is about the only way you'll find them - outside of the vacuum cleaner.

Snore Stoppers are made from THE most expensive, strong, medical-grade resin available. So, unless you step on them, folks loosing them is often the only reorders I get. So, I really do appreciate your reorders!

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