Men with 17"+ necks and women with 16.5"+ necks may have THROAT obstruction, unrelated to nasal obstruction. If you have a thick neck, address the throat issue with your doctor. Doctors can laser away the obstructive tissue, and such may be covered by your health plan.


My personal "findings" that work better than any expensive "treatment":

NEEM OIL (natural), or REPEL SPORTSMAN STICK (deet), stopped my rosacea by repelling the demodex mites that cause rosacea. Start salicylic acid face wash a week or so after starting repellent, cause salicylic acid KILLS the mites, may initially "pimple" the face if used first. It is the bacteria from the mites that cause rosacea. Mites prefer human cheeks, chin, and nose.

FOLDED BLANKETS AND REGULAR PILLOWS can elevate the head and chest, relieving pressure on the throat, brought on by a thick neck (16.5"+). If one wears a OTC snoring device, and still snore, it is likely one has a thick neck, and this elevation can improve breathing.

SUPER GLUE FOR CUTS AND BURNS. It NEVER stings, seals the wound, and keeps out bacteria. Great for my burns, and often prevents a blister. Because the burnt skin is no longer a bacteria barrier, white blood cells have to kill bacteria, forming a blister. (The only difference between super glue and what doctors use is one molecule that lets medical glue be flexible.)

1MHZ ULTRASOUND (devices with 2" heads that sell for about $35, just not for sale on the main selling sites) can vanish a deep bruise in one day with one 15 minute treatment. 1mhz can penetrate 1.5" into the skin. Also works great for headaches, and any healing. Gel required.

For many decades, FISH OIL AND FEVERFEW are said to stop migraines. Some find feverfew upsets their stomach. For me, the combo has stopped my migraines, which I'd get for 3 days every other week.

Okay, COLLAGEN, ANTI-GRAY, AND BIOTIN are touted for skin and nails, but they actually work. I am 62, have no wrinkles, and no gray hair any more (okay, some dark, dark gray some places that look almost brown). My hair is shiny, like young hair. No more kinky over-shiny white hairs. No straw-like hair from peroxide coloring.

Sure, I have many inventions that cure other things: a Ladder Lackey to prevent ladder accidents that also lets one access places other ladders can't reach. I have a book showing men how ladies think, which men have no clue about (called Getting Her to YES). And, I have 5-star children's books that cure nothing